• Handles high gas volume fraction (GVF) well conditions
  • Increases lift efficiency using natural lift from the gas
  • Reduces production shutdown due to gas lock

  • Oil producing wells with high gas and low intake pressures
  • ESPs unable to separate gas prior to entering the pump
  • ESPs using gas separators in extremely gassy wells



Ace Plus™ gas handler pumps from Baker Hughes increase lift efficiency and extend gas production capabilities in your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems.  


Proven performance in high gas wells

The Ace Plus gas handler series is part of a suite of gas management products for high, medium, and low flow rate applications. This multistage, axial-flow gas handling system is located below your main pumping system. It can be used independently or in conjunction with other gas management products, and is designed to efficiently manage downhole applications with high percentages of free gas.

Performance tests indicate that Ace Plus gas handler pumps can process up to 75% free gas without locking at extremely low intake pressures. Standard pump stages can handle only one-fourth of this amount of free gas before locking.

The Ace Plus gas handler pumps are designed to reduce production disruption and overheating of the electrical submersible pump (ESP) motor caused by gas locking.

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