• Extend ESP application range in viscous fluids with wider vane openings
  • Increase productivity and revenue per well with higher lift capacity per stage
  • Minimize system changeouts with extended operating range

  • ESP applications with higher viscosity fluids
  • Higher gas content wells
  • Production environments with higher solids and scale content



Get assured performance and reliability at minimal operating expense with Centurion™ performance pumps from Baker Hughes.


Optimize performance with best-in-class designs

The Centurion pump line incorporates a full range of hydraulic and mechanical redesigns—all aimed at enhancing the run life of your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system.

  • Maximized vane openings and optimized flow paths reduce the impact of scale, corrosion, solids, and viscous fluids
  • Patented hardened bearings, unique thrust modules, and particle swirl suppression technology deliver proven abrasion resistance for extended system uptime
  • Unique flow designs ensure lower erosional velocities in the pump stages for increased abrasion resistance
  • Radial flow stages provide better performance at lower flow rates
  • Mixed flow stages perform best in higher volume applications

Centurion performance pumps also deliver superior efficiency, allowing you to reduce the size requirements for your ESP motor and variable speed drive. And with one of the highest lift capacitates per stage in the industry, the Centurion pump reduce the tandem pump requirements of your ESP system while improving overall run life and lowering your power costs.

Contact us to learn how Centurion performance pumps can optimize your ESP system performance for the long term.

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