Get the flexibility you need to optimize the operability of your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems with wide-ranging operational pumps from Baker Hughes. By incorporating hydraulic design innovations, our reliable operational pumps give you a wide operating range to minimize ESP system changeouts and nonproductive time.


Expand your ESP efficiency and operational flexibility

Our proven CENtrilift™ FLEXPump series of centrifugal pumps reduce hydraulic thrust in both up- and downthrust conditions. As a result, you get a pump with a wider operating range and an ESP system that seamlessly adapts to changing well conditions as production rates change. With flow rates ranging from 50 to 10,500 barrels per day, you’re assured superior efficiency and reduced power consumption over the life of your well.

For both existing assets and new production plays alike, FLEXPump series pumps respond to rapid changes in flow conditions by effectively handling thrust conditions. Your ESP systems will benefit with increased run life, reduced frequency of workovers, and decreased downtime.

And as your flow conditions continue to change rapidly in resource plays like shales, tight reservoirs, and deeper zones, we continue to innovate our wide-ranging operational pumping line. Our LiftPrime pump line brings the proven attributes and efficiency advances of the FLEXPump series to a new level of flexibility and performance in the most challenging production environments.

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