• Maintains real-time downhole data transmission despite cable ground fault
  • Provides fast, high quality data enabling increased production and improved pump runlife
  • Delivers downhole electrical system measurements which can assist in prediction and analysis of ESP failure
  • Provides real-time condition monitoring of cable health
  • Indicates fault depth and severity for faster workover and improved inventory management

  • Wells lifted by ESP
  • Offshore ESP installations
  • Oil fields where ESPs are prone to cable failure



Benefit from assured, accurate well and pump performance data from your electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) with the Zenith™ ground fault immune (GFI) ESP gauge from Baker Hughes. Our industry-leading downhole monitoring solution will give you the confidence and reliability you need for sustained downhole surveillance, despite ground fault on the ESP cable.


Get reliable downhole data to optimize well performance

Ground faults on the ESP cable account for approximately 15% of downhole ESP monitoring system failures. With no data transmitted to surface, you’ll be forced to run your equipment blind—lowering your pumping rates and increasing fluid head. Over the lifetime of your pump, this will amount to significant loss of production.

The patented Zenith GFI ESP gauge runs a unique power-and-communications system, which ensures that electrical fault on the ESP cable will not impact delivery of data from the downhole monitoring system. You’ll continue to receive data as long as the ESP cable is operational.

The Zenith GFI ESP gauge is the first ESP monitoring system to deliver uninterrupted surveillance despite ground fault conditions. You’ll be assured continuous access to the well data you need for better decision-making, optimized production, and efficient well operation.

Talk to us today about how the Zenith GFI ESP gauge can deliver greater certainty and reliability to your ESP monitoring operations.

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