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  • Reduce maintenance and upfront costs
  • Optimize facility design and reduce site space requirements with small footprint
  • Minimize downtime for mechanical seal and motor maintenance or replacement

  • Crude oil boosting and transfer
  • Pipeline boosting
  • Produced water disposal and injection



The No Thrust Chamber (NTC) system from Baker Hughes gives you enhanced reliability in wide-ranging surface pumping applications.


Optimize performance with robust designs

The NTC’s low pump thrust design eliminates the need for a thrust chamber, which lowers your upfront costs and reduces system complexity to boost your uptime.

And with flow rates ranging from 15 gpm to 300 gpm, the NTC can be configured to meet your pumping needs and quickly adapt to your changing application demands.

The NTC delivers nonpulsating flow and higher output pressures than most alternative pump technologies, and in a compact body that reduces your footprint in the field.

And in pumping applications where solid contaminants are part of the production stream, the NTC can be configured with abrasion-resistant bearings to further protect your system and increase run life.

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