Bacteria proliferation can create several challenges that threaten your production system’s operation—from restricted production to corrosion failures to severe environmental consequences. Bacteria management services from Baker Hughes help you mitigate operational risks with customized biocide solutions and advanced monitoring services that control microbial-influenced corrosion (MIC).


Comprehensive bacteria control

Minimize the risks of souring and plugging in your reservoir and production systems with our wide range of biocide, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and sulfide control solutions.

  • PETROSWEET™ H2S scavengers for H2S removal and system sweetening
  • Microbial control programs including bacteria monitoring and X-CIDE™ biocides
  • Sour-service corrosion inhibitors
  • MAGNATREAT™ M sulfide scavenger for H2S and iron sulfide removal
  • Reservoir souring control additives
  • FieldXtract™ microbial genetic service for fast and effective microbial screening

Proactively stay ahead of microbial activity in your wells and surface production systems and achieve several operational benefits.

Increase your production uptime. Keep your near wellbore and production systems free from plugging or slowdowns in production rates

Reduce your operational risks. Prevent injector plugging or aggressive MIC that can threaten the integrity of your production equipment

Lower threats to health, safety, and the environment (HSE). Prevent H2S generation and proliferation to minimize the serious health and safety risks to your workers on site and to surrounding communities

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Bacteria management