• Extend pump and other equipment run life
  • Optimize chemical delivery and dosing in the field
  • Reduce pulling and repair costs for downhole production equipment

  • Wells on electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems
  • Batch or continuous chemical treatments

Keep your field assets protected and production flowing freely with smart injection systems from Baker Hughes. Our automated, reliable, and remotely monitored and controlled injection systems help optimize your chemical treatment programs—with less risk and cost.


Protect ESP systems with a unique digital solution

Smart injection systems afford greater protection for your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems by automating chemical applications such as corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, and biocide. The automated injection technology guarantees treatment reliability by allowing rates to vary in real time based on output from your ESP sensors.

The smart injection systems technology, which was developed in collaboration with Baker Hughes Artificial Lift and Oilfield Chemicals services, helps guarantee the reliability of the chemical treatment and avoid early ESP failures. The fully automatized injection equipment adjusts the injection rate remotely and lets you visualize chemical consumption through level control monitoring.

Your ESP system benefits from faster response and protection of the pump, as well as optimized chemical usage to avoid overdosing or undertreating. In the field, smart injection systems technology is helping operators avoid lost production, minimize pulling and repair costs, and optimize their chemical consumption and spend.


Optimize chemical treatments with real-time adjustments

Smart technology extends to the smart controller, which lets you fully automate chemical dosing, regardless of your chemical treatment program. This technology receives input from a variety of field instrumentation and adjusts the chemical treatment rates in real time based upon those instrument measurements. Real-time adjustments allow your chemical treatment to closely match the well’s actual demand—reducing instances of overtreatment and undertreatment while minimizing the need for human intervention.

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