• Rapidly and reliably remove mercury to below the ppb regulation requirements
  • Produce a high–quality, on-spec hydrocarbon stream that will achieve maximum market value
  • Optimize operational efficiencies and eliminate unnecessary costs

  • Crude oil production
  • Refinery processing operations
  • Dehydration (glycol) systems

When your hydrocarbon stream contains mercury, it immediately loses market value, impacts your operations, increases costs, and exposes you to the risk of falling foul of regulations designed to protect the environment from exposure to this highly toxic metal. You need to treat mercury contamination in a safe and reliable manner to keep your production running and produce a top quality stream that will achieve the highest value market price. But the traditional chemical treatments for metals leave mercury behind, meaning, at best, you face a discounted price or, at worst, must store the out-of-spec stream indefinitely.


Mercury does not behave like other metal contaminants

Traditional chemical treatments that successfully remove most metal contaminants don’t eliminate mercury to the low-level parts per billion (ppb) required.  Here’s why: elemental mercury is volatile and occurs together with other varying forms of mercury across the entire process stream. That means mercury can be found in varied concentrations in operational units, introducing the risk of equipment failures and crippling financial costs across the entire production and processing value chain.


To reliably remove mercury, don’t treat it like other metals

The Baker Hughes ALCHEMIA™ contaminant removal solution effectively removes contaminants such as mercury, sulfur and ash from hydrocarbon streams. Reaching your target mercury content ppb level consistently and reliably is achievable with a chemical treatment solution designed specifically for mercury—the ALCHEMIA solution for mercury removal. By rapidly bringing mercury content down to well below the key performance indicator (KPI) targets, you can be confident your operations, your costs, and the environment are protected. And your hydrocarbon stream will not be subject to discount at market but will instead achieve the highest market value for a high-quality stream.

This solution approach to mercury removal is successful by integrating specialty chemicals, application expertise, and operational efficiencies:

  • Baker Hughes unique mercury removal additive in a synergistic system specifically tackles mercury and removes other metal contaminants as well
  • Customized combination chemistries, expertly applied and formulated to consistently meet your mercury removal targets, produce an on-spec, high-quality hydrocarbon stream to achieve maximum price in the marketplace
  • A field system approach examines your entire operation to identify opportunities to streamline operations by removing unnecessary storage and processing, saving costs and speeding up time to market

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