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Our FATHOM™ XT SUBSEA226 black oil foamers, an alternative to traditional water-based foamers, have extended the conditions in which foamers can work. This advanced chemistry foamer

  • Is applicable in 25 to 40 API gravity crude oil (0.904 to 0.826 SG) containing up to 60% water;
  • Assists crude oil unloading, extending the foamer operating envelope and achieving a smoother production profile
  • Reduces costs
  • Maximizes oil and gas production
  • Increases well run times

As oil and gas wells mature, they experience a reduction in bottomhole pressure and an increase in hydrostatic pressure, which reduces production faster than the natural decline curve. This condition leads to liquid-loading in the tubing and flowline, which can lead to slugging.

FATHOM XT SUBSEA226 reduces liquid loading and slugging, which reduces shut-in time and increases production time, production rate, and artificial lift performance. It is not as capital-intensive as other artificial lift methods, is quicker to deploy, and can bridge gaps between production decline and implementation of artificial lift. This first-of-its-kind foamer is effective at lower gas/oil ratios, stable in a wide temperature range, and extends the life of the well.

This unique, unrivalled foamer develops foam in crude oil. Assisting in crude oil unloading and extending the foamer-operating envelope, FATHOM XT SUBSEA226 foamer can be used in existing umbilical and capillary strings, delivering a cost-effective solution.


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