Subsurface Modeling

Build and update reservoir models quickly and accurately

Modeling complex structures doesn’t have to be complicated. With JewelSuite™ Subsurface Modeling software you can quickly build accurate 3D models, regardless of the reservoir’s structural complexity. Regional and local structures are captured without compromise. Complex reservoir models can be updated and modified easily with new well information or alternative geological scenarios.

By integrating cross-disciplinary data sets, collaborative teams can quickly build precise and predictive models with ease. Using these models, you can rapidly run multiple scenarios to determine the best course of action for your projects. With JewelSuite Subsurface Modeling, operators can gain a better understanding of the subsurface to make better decisions on well placement, reserves estimation, and production planning.

Efficiency and ease of use

You can accelerate your workflow and reduce errors using several key features included in JewelSuite Subsurface Modeling. The modern intuitive user interface, automatic and semi-automatic workflows, and built-in smart rules accelerates the learning curve for new users, reduces the risk of errors and decreases the time required to complete projects.

Seamless connectivity with other applications

JewelSuite software offers the most advanced multidisciplinary knowledge and techniques available to interpret your data quickly, accurately, and effectively. You can use the application as a standalone tool or in combination with other JewelSuite or third-party software to complement your existing workflow.


JewelSuite Geologic Modeling

Build accurate 3D models, regardless of the reservoir’s structural complexity. Regional and local structures are captured without need to compromise. Easy, fast, accurate.


JewelSuite Reservoir Engineering

Integrate accurate geologic models, without losing any structural detail, directly in your reservoir simulation.


JewelSuite Viewer

The viewer allows you to query, analyze, and visualize JewelSuite projects in 3D and in standard data filtering views.


Microseismic Analysis Add-in

Quickly perform QC analysis of processed microseismic data on consistency and quality.


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JewelSuite Unconventional Workflow

Improve unconventional reservoir understanding with integrated 3D models. Simulate flow using local grid refinement around wells and fractures, optimizing field development plans.

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