How is digital operational technology reshaping upstream capabilities?
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To take the pulse on digitalization in upstream oil and gas operations, we took a deep dive with our customers, conducting more than 70 interviews with key stakeholders across IOCs, NOCs, and Independents.

The Baker Hughes survey of key industry stakeholders indicates that automation, integrated data capabilities and domain expertise are converging to send oil and gas companies on a new digital trajectory, with a clear line of sight to safer, more profitable outcomes.



What are the 5 key questions we asked our Customers about digital? Find out by watching this summary video.






Discover the industry consensus on where the greatest value in digital lies, what the obstacles to progress are, and where the industry is headed? Find out by watching this summary video.


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In-depth report

To find out more about the industry view of market pressures and trends, opportunities for digital investments upstream, and best practices for successful digitalization, download the in-depth report to learn more.

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