Prevent disconnections with strength

Reliable, turnkey top and bottom tendon connection solutions are crucial in the extreme conditions of deepwater developments. Designed for use on tension leg platforms (TLPs), our top and bottom tendon connectors perform reliably in the harshest subsea environments.


Reliable installation and simple retrieval

Baker Hughes Atlas™ tendon connectors are designed to API RP 2T requirements. Made entirely from forged and machined components, they provide exceptional fatigue resistance, are designed to be stronger than the tendon pipe, and feature quick and simple installation methods for lower installation costs.

The Self Engaged Autolock™ Bottom Tendon Connector (SEA Atlas BTC) features revolutionary, robust locking technology for the harshest subsea conditions. Providing a secure connection to the subsea pile, it is qualified to withstand 12 million lbs of tension and 2 million lbs of compression throughout the TLP lifecycle.

The SEA Atlas BTC features both automatic latch and lock functions. With a patented breech-style latch mechanism, connection to the seafloor pile is fast and reliable. Intentional retrieval is also quick and simple, involving engagement and actuation of the ROV retrieval tool before pulling the SEA Atlas BTC from the seafloor receptacle. For redundancy, the technology features multiple ROV-operated retrieval tools and interfaces.

Subjected to a DNV.GL-witnessed, full-scale qualification program, the SEA Atlas BTC installs with ease. Its reassuring breech-style connection is designed to prevent disconnection in both tension and compression scenarios, making it the connector of choice for safety, strength, and reliability.


Among their many advantages, our tendon connectors:
  • Self-align and install under their own weight
  • Require no secondary actuation tool or ROV-intervention during installation for a reliable setup
  • Allow for simple retrieval, with life integration on-site support available, beginning with initial engineering and feasibility studies
  • Ensure maximum peace of mind through load testing under extreme tension and bending
  • Are extensively function tested under various installation and retrieval cycles, as well as a 12° angular range of motion to warrant reliability

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