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Baker Hughes is leading the digital revolution with engageSubsea™—a real-time, modular, remote monitoring platform for proactive asset management and instant troubleshooting. engageSubsea can be deployed at any stage of field life to optimize the planning, execution, and connectivity of your subsea projects by remotely managing your equipment more effectively and efficiently.


Digital Connectivity

  • Proactive asset management
  • Instant troubleshooting during any stage of a field’s life cycle
  • Live inventory management overview with tracking of past, present, and future maintenance and recertification events
  • Digital access to documentation and financial statuses
  • Trend diagnostics, event prediction, and recommendations for intervention and maintenance

  • Instantaneous data access for all activities
  • Digital inventory of all managed equipment
  • Advice from flow-assurance specialists on flow regularity and production optimization
  • Support for comprehensive monitoring of facility integrity and performance
Operational Excellence

  • Proactive obsolescence alerting with upgrade or last-time purchase advice
  • 50% reduction in inventory
  • Spares optimization
  • Maintenance management
  • Real-time inventory and work-order management

engageSubsea is the digital source of truth connecting customers across the life of field, consolidating multiple data streams and allowing end-to-end operational visibility and analytics.

Well Monitoring

Passive and continuous integrity monitoring systems detect leaks from subsea wells, wellheads and subsea trees empowering operators to lower risk, reduce cost and protect the environment.

engageSubsea™ Remote 

Our best-in-class augmented reality video assistance tool optimizes field operations by leveraging our trusted cloud platform. The tool is packed with features for seamless communication and information exchange.

Equipment & Installed Base Management

Optimize your operation with Increased transparency with a live digital inventory of all customer-installed Baker Hughes equipment, as well as maintenance and tooling history.

Agnostic Tooling & Repair

Maintain your equipment with a consolidated number of simplified, optimized tools packages for all subsea tree types, including non-OEM tooling.

Obsolescence Management

Support insightful decision-making around spare parts and inventory optimization with unbiased, agnostic suggestions for potential equipment and systems upgrades.

Asset Health Score

Prolong operable life and optimize productivity with an objective view of the overall health of operator assets, fields and infrastructure.

Robotic Inspection & Cleaning

Simple automated solutions for underwater jacker and riser inspection and cleaning with interchangeable tool.

Cascade Injection Control

Reduce gas injection inefficiencies to improve production by 4-12% and reduce lifting costs.

Lifecycle management

Passive Management

Field twin

  • Reduce OPEX through improved maintenance planning
  • Constant monitoring and alerting of equipment condition
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Aid planning toolkit & 3D Viz
Active Management

Life job and process tracking

  • Improve speed and coordination
  • Ensure compliance to standards
  • Live job status tracking
  • Operational readiness and forecasting
Proactive Management

Analysis, scoring and advisory

  • Engineering and performance optimization
  • Unplanned downtime mitigation
  • Advisory services
  • Energy management
24/7 Remote operations support

  • Live customer care portal
  • 24/7 monitoring and technical support
  • Monitoring of shut-in wells
  • Unmanned operations/robotics
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