Proactive asset management and instant troubleshooting

Through engageSubsea, Baker Hughes is leading the digital revolution to enable you to remotely manage your equipment more effectively and efficiently—so you can optimize the planning, execution, and connectivity of your subsea projects. A real-time, modular, remote monitoring platform for proactive asset management and instant troubleshooting, engageSubsea can be deployed at any stage of field life.


Cutting overhead and inventory

engageSubsea gives you the ability to tie together your assets at a global level, reducing regionalized inventory holding by 50% on a typical five-well field. Its ability to group work orders together can cut offshore transportation and personnel requirements by over 60% when supported by virtual experts.


Modular and integrated

The modular nature of engageSubsea means additional digital production-optimization solutions such as subsea Equipment Integrity Management (Equip IM) and Flow Assurance Management (Flow AM) can be integrated to enhance your digital asset lifecycle management even further.


Features and benefits
  • Reduced downtime, with virtual experts able to identify and resolve issues from any location
  • Instant digital access to documentation and financial statuses
  • Support for comprehensive monitoring of facility integrity and performance
  • Trend diagnostics, event prediction, and recommendations for intervention and maintenance
  • Live inventory management overview with tracking of past, present, and future maintenance and recertification events
  • Proactive obsolescence alerting with upgrade or last-time purchase advice
  • Advice from flow-assurance specialists on flow regularity and production optimization
  • 50% reduction in inventory
  • Spares optimization
  • Maintenance management
  • Real-time inventory and work-order management

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