Aptara subsea connection systems

The innovative FLX360 multi-quick connection (MQC) system enables fast and reliable connections between all elements of the subsea distribution system.

Also, part of the Aptara™ TOTEX-lite subsea suite, the HCCS-L lightweight horizontal clamp connection system is suitable for rigid and flexible jumpers and spools, as well as umbilical termination with multi-bore hub technology.


Designed to reduce CAPEX and maximize reliability

The FLX360 is an MQC plate that will meet even the most demanding field applications in terms of depth (qualified to 9,842 ft/3,000 m), load capacity suitable for larger Steel Tube Flying Leads (STFLs) and some umbilicals. It incorporates a unique life-of-field design that allows maintenance in situ with no need for disconnection of the connector, reducing the total cost of ownership.

The FLX360 uses a patented locking mechanism that leaves only one moving part of the design on the seabed. The complexity of the connection system is housed within the retrievable and serviceable ROV tooling, eliminating screw threads from the system and enabling reliable make up/break out times of approximately 90 seconds.

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