Ensure a solid kick-off point for your openhole sidetracking operations with openhole whipstock systems from Baker Hughes.

With our one-trip, hydraulic-set openhole whipstock, you can run, orient, and set the whipstock, followed by drilling the pilot hole—all without having to pull out of hole. You’re assured greater flexibility while eliminating multiple trips downhole and avoiding costly cementing processes.


Improving your sidetracking operations under wide-ranging conditions

Openhole whipstock systems consist of a production injection packer anchor or BigFoot™ anchor, a WindowMaster™/PathMaster™ whipstock, and a 2-mills system. This comprehensive system is designed to give you a versatile solution to initiate lateral departures from your wellbore—efficiently and reliably.

During run-in and anchoring operations, you maintain full circulation through the bottomhole assembly (BHA) thanks to the openhole whipstock system’s full bore inside diameter (ID) and stinger tube. This allows for unrestricted cementing options and provides compatibility with a wide variety of different anchoring options—giving you a quick and effective openhole sidetracking solution.

After being firmly anchored, the openhole whipstock running tool is released from the assembly via ball drop and pulled out of hole. The milling BHA is run in, and normal sidetracking operations can begin.

Work with our sidetracking experts, who have successfully deployed the openhole whipstock in vertical and horizontal wells, in extended-reach laterals, and in hard and highly compressive formations where standard drilloff methods are ineffective. Using this system, we can complete an openhole whipstock installation in less than 24 hours on average—for both cemented and non-cemented applications.

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