• Efficiently cuts and retrieves any manufacturer’s subsea wellhead in a single trip
  • Allows casing to be cut while maintaining tension in the workstring
Other Benefits

  • Eliminates internal damage to wellheads by latching below profiles and sealing areas



Effectively cut and remove your subsea wellheads from the seafloor in one trip with the universal wellhead retrieving system (UWRS) from Baker Hughes. 

The UWRS runs in conjunction with a multistring cutter that severs multiple strings of casing to remove any manufacturer’s subsea wellhead. The system consists of an adjustable lift lug assembly and landing collar positioned on an inner mandrel. The lift lug assembly engages an internal upset in your wellbore, providing positive engagement and avoiding the need for wickers to penetrate and potentially damage the inside diameter of the wellhead.


Ensure efficient retrieval with adjustable tool engagement

The depth of the lift lug position in your wellhead is controlled by adjusting placement of the landing collar. This mechanism eliminates internal damage to your wellhead by latching below profiles and sealing areas.

A thrust bearing permits the mandrel to rotate, which in turn rotates the multistring cutter mounted on the bottom of the mandrel. Rotation continues until the pipe is cut, after which the UWRS retrieves the cut casings and attached wellhead from the well and up to the surface.

The effective, one-trip action of the multistring cutters and UWRS helps ensure less fatigue on your workstring while avoiding the need for a motor. And by eliminating the possibility of trash or cuttings, the UWRS requires no internal stop that might raise the risk of the tool becoming stuck.

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