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  • Ensure precise, smooth cut with centrally anchoring slip assembly
  • Disengage and reset tool repeatedly
  • Easily cut alternate casing weights

  • Fishing operations
  • Multistring casing cutting operations



Ensure fast, efficient internal cutting of your tubing and casing with the inside mechanical casing cutter from Baker Hughes. Each tool cuts quickly and easily converts to alternate casing weights—minimizing your time downhole to optimize your casing cutting jobs.

Each cutter consists of a friction assembly that sets the tool in the pipe, a slip assembly for anchoring, and cutting assembly with tool steel or insert knives.


Get fast deployment and assured setting

The inside mechanical casing cutter follows a simple, stepwise deployment and cutting process:

  • The cutter is lowered into your hole to the cutting point.
  • Rotating the tool to the right allows the friction block assembly to unscrew from the mandrel, which anchors the tool in the pipe.
  • After the slips are set, the wedge block forces the knives outward until the pipe is cut.
  • Once the cut is complete, the friction assembly is returned to the run-in position by picking up on the workstring.

The tool’s automatic nut design allows for repeated disengagement and resetting—without coming out of the hole.

Contact us to learn how the inside mechanical casing cutter can easily cut different casing sizes in a single trip to optimize your fishing operations.

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