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  • Reduce load factors on the workstring and service rig
  • Avoid need for high-tensile workstring or drill collars
  • Works faster than jars

  • Sand-stuck, friction-point-stuck, or gravel-pack-liner recovery operations
  • High-angle, deviated, and horizontal wells
  • Operations at flow rates between 1 bpm–3 bpm (159 lpm–477 lpm)



Recover a fish in just a few minutes with the RatPACKTM retrievable packer impulse tool from Baker Hughes.

The RatPACK tool creates low-frequency impulses that shake stuck retrievable packers and other equipment free—in a fraction of the time of conventional fishing tools. The RatPACK avoids the high impact loads produced by today’s jarring strings. And unlike surface vibrators—which have limited effectiveness on point-stuck equipment in deviated or horizontal wells—the RatPACK delivers targeted impulses directly to the fish.


Efficient fish removal with less equipment

The RatPACK operates without the need to run drill collars or high-tensile workstrings, simplifying your downhole deployments while reducing your fishing time. Simply run the tool on your bottomhole assembly, directly above an engaging device such as an overshot, spear, or screw-in sub, to quickly remove retrievable packers and point-stuck equipment that cannot be pulled free.

The tool operates by fine-tuning flow rates—change the flow rate to directly vary the impulse rate generated by the RatPACK. The tool operates efficiently with clear fluid types such as water, brine, or calcium chloride solutions to generate faster impulses compared to cycling jars.

The tool operates independently of overpull. You can apply high or low overpulls while the tool is operated, making the RatPACK ideal for your high-angle or horizontal wellbores.

Contact us today to find out how our RatPACK tool can help you recover items stuck downhole with low impact and low risk.

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