When you can’t reliably engage your fish with drillpipe, rely on the reliability and flexibility of fishing internal and external engagement tools from Baker Hughes.

Externally engage, pack off, and pull a fish with our wide range of overshot tools. The first fishing choice when screwing into the fish is not an option, our overshot tools are simply designed but ruggedly built. Choose from options including:

  • The strong Series 150 Bowen™ releasing and circulating overshot is engineered to handle all manner of pulling, jarring, and torsional strain.
  • The bulldog overshot offers a proven solution for your fish with outer diameters (ODs) that are too large to be caught by other methods.
  • Kelo socket overshots are proven to catch small-diameter workstrings and sucker rods inside casing as well as recover coiled tubing that has parted and remains in hole.
  • The t-dog, mouse-trap, and flipper-dog (TMF) overshot can be dressed in three different ways for different washover applications. Deploy the t-dog assembly option to washover and recover mud-stuck or sanded-up square-collared pipe in one trip. Use the mouse-trap assembly to catch sucker rods, integral joint tubing, or cables. And with the flipper-dog assembly, you can confidently catch a fish with different ODs.

If your fish cannot be externally engaged, our range of releasable spears provide a viable retrieval option. These internal engagement tools come in a variety of designs, including:

  • Hydraulic casing spears are run above a mechanical or hydraulic inside casing cutter, allowing cutting and casing pulling in one trip. The spears are set and released hydraulically for ease of operation and no need for mechanical intervention.
  • Type B™ and Type D™ casing and tubing spears retrieve a full range of casing sizes. The design of these spears affords easy dressing for alternate casing sizes, simple field-dressing to change the release setting, and fast, effective release—all of which help improve the efficiency of your fishing operations.
  • The Type E™ casing spear provides effective casing retrieval in the most severe downhole environments. With its heavy-duty, high-strength design and simple construction you’re assured reliable performance and easy operation and maintenance for a wide variety of casing sizes and weights.

Nonreleasable box taps and pin taps are often the last resort when your fish top is badly damaged or in an unknown condition. Options include:

Run with a safety joint to provide an emergency disconnect in case the fish won’t pull free.

Our engagement tools have a releasing mechanism that allows circulation to the fish and provides an unobstructed ID to allow for wireline operations.

All engagement tools are run with bumper jars to assist with engagement/disengagement of the fish.

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