Download the case study to see how this system saved a North Sea operator approximately $5.8 million USD and 210 hours of work.




  • Ensure robust pulling force of up to 1.8 MM lbf on the fish below
  • Pull a wide variety of objects using various mechanical fishing tools
  • Minimize risk by transmitting pulling force to the casing rather than surface equipment

  • Pulling applications that can be effectively used with conventional/low-weight capacity workover rigs
  • Pulling any object requiring heavy pulling strains
  • Pulling objects from cased wellbores



Pull objects from your wellbore, with minimal risk and time, with the MASTODON™ hydraulic pulling tool from Baker Hughes. The tool effectively pulls liners, retrievable packers, or other objects from your cased wellbore—using only hydraulic pump pressure to deliver heavy pulling strains.

The MASTODON tool anchors in your casing, exerts a pulling force on the fish below, and transmits the force to the casing rather than the surface equipment. The tool can apply as many consecutive pulls as necessary in one trip to release and pull the fish out of your hole.

The MASTODON’s robust design allows it to be used with most conventional workover rigs and small work strings and run in high-temperature environments up to 400°F (204°C). The system can be run with any mechanical fishing tool, such as an overshot, spear, or screw-in assembly, giving you a wide variety of flexible deployment options.

Work with our application experts to deploy the MASTODON in your fishing operations for optimal efficiency. The tool has been used successfully to pull casing in numerous well abandonment applications around the world, including volatile offshore environments like the North Sea. Time and again, the MASTODON demonstrates quick deployment, with little down time and a very simple bottomhole assembly (BHA).

Contact us to learn how the MASTODON hydraulic pulling tool can pull objects, quickly and cost effectively, from wellbores in your most demanding environments.


Video - MASTODON hydraulic pulling tool

Get high-performance pulling in any wellbore situation