Take the guesswork out of your cement job planning with cementing software solutions from Baker Hughes. Our advanced cement simulations, run by our trained simulation experts using your specific well data, help ensure that you understand all of the risks and challenges before starting the cement job.

Simulations created in our CemMaster™ advanced cement placement software factor in planned cement setting depth, hole size, desired pump rates, and bottomhole temperatures and pressures to simulate the optimal placement of the cement slurry.

Our simulations also account for fluid compressibility, pipe movement, buoyancy, eccentric annulus, and multiple temperature regimes to accurately predict downhole density changes. You’ll get more realistic equivalent circulating densities and have a clearer idea of when to modify pump rates to avoid lost circulation or fluids migration.

The software also models the radial and tangential stresses on the set cement and determines whether the planned sheath will perform effectively over the full life of the well. Our experts can quickly modify the cementing program to adjust the cement’s compressive and tensile strength, Young’s modulus, and Poisson’s ratio—all aimed at making the cement more resilient to downhole stresses.

Using our comprehensive cementing simulation tools, we’ll help you make more informed decisions regarding stage placement, slurry design, and cement system selection. The result—an optimized cementing job that ensures effective zonal isolation for the life of your well.

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