• Get targeted placement and spotting of treatment fluids
  • Keep completions in place
  • No rotation required, in either cased hole or open hole environments

  • Chemical treatments in horizontal and highly deviated wellbores
  • Acid stimulations and scale dissolving
  • Water shutoff



The Inflatable Straddle Acidizing Packer™ (ISAP™) from Baker Hughes helps you stimulate your conventional, horizontal, and multilateral wellbores with pinpoint accuracy—all while leaving your completion intact.

The ISAP is a multi-set dual element inflatable straddle system, designed for precise and selective delivery of acids, water control agents, and other chemical treatments into varied sections of the wellbore. With ISAP, you get targeted chemical delivery that helps ensure maximized production.


Get full-range chemical delivery in live well conditions

The ISAP system eliminates the use of previous, less effective methods for selective placement of treating fluids, such as ball sealers or chemical diverters.

And because the ISAP is designed to run primarily on coiled-tubing work strings, the tool operates within the safe tension, setdown, and pressure limits of the coiled tubing.

The tool requires only a slight amount of tension and no set-down weight for operation, which makes it ideal for horizontal or highly deviated wellbore applications.

Running on coiled tubing allows the ISAP to be deployed in a live well condition, eliminating the need to kill the well and preventing possible formation damage due to heavy weight kill fluid in the well.


Selectively stimulate multiple zones in a single trip

The ISAP system is resettable, thus giving you far greater performance and flexibility than conventional systems. You can deliver multiple treatments in a single trip into the well—without having to pull your completion.

The ISAP system has a successful track record of chemical treatments, particularly ICD cleaning and acidizing perforations, in Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America. The system has been run successfully with other components of the Baker Hughes coiled tubing product line, including the real-time measurements of Telecoil™ to provide up-to-the-second pressure and temperature data throughout the operation.

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