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  • Increase efficiency and reduce risk with integrated CT and logging operations
  • Improve operational accuracy during plug setting, perforating, and fluid placement
  • Reduce uncertainty in unknown downhole conditions and confirm BHA operations

  • Perforating, stimulation, and gas lifting
  • Milling and cleanout operations
  • Logging operations

Get accurate, real-time downhole data from nearly any coiled-tubing (CT) operation with the TeleCoil™ sensor package from Baker Hughes.

An integral part of the TeleCoil downhole communication system, the sensor bottomhole assembly (BHA) incorporates a communication system conductor; a BHA release function; and a pressure, temperature, and casing collar locator sensor package. When downhole data is not required, a protection adapter secures and seals the end of the conductor.


Capture downhole data from a powerful, multipurpose package

The sensor package relays downhole pressure / temperature to surface and a real-time casing collar locator provides the necessary depth accuracy for precision applications such as perforating and zonal isolation. The package also contains the basic motorhead functionality of double flapper check valves, ball operated wire release, ball operated BHA release, and dual circulation.

A TeleCoil system conductor is preinstalled inside the CT and uses a standard end connector to attach to the TeleCoil integrated sensor BHA with mechanical and electrical quick connectors. You assured a robust connection to downhole tools right in the field, in only minutes. At surface, the conductor connects to a data acquisition system that processes and charts the downhole information.


Optimize any CT operation with accurate, reliable downhole data

The TeleCoil sensor is more robust and reliable than most fiber optics transmission systems and provides higher data resolution, at greater speed, than mud-pulse telemetry.

The sensor delivers real-time data that maximizes the efficiency and delivers unparalleled functionality to virtually any CT operation. For example, bottomhole and tool differential pressure information, as well as temperature data, reduces uncertainty while enabling continuous optimization of applications ranging from milling and stimulation to cleanouts and gas lifting.

The integrated sensor assembly can be easily switched out with a logging adapter assembly for next-level applicability. With it, you can change from real-time sensing mode to real-time logging mode in minutes.

CT can now be fully integrated with Baker Hughes or third-party logging operations, which is extremely beneficial in your horizontal wells or in offshore environments. After CT milling and cleanout work, you can now quickly shift to a logging run to determine current production conditions and identify the best remediation option to restore production. There is no need to rig aside the CT equipment, rig in logging equipment, and then exchange them again for remediation operations.

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