• Reliably set the tool below the production tubing
  • Reduce operating costs and work the well over live with flexible deployment options
  • Lower costs and time by not requiring a rig on site

  • Lower zone isolations
  • Permanent abandonment
  • Remedial squeeze operations



Thru-tubing permanent cement retainers from Baker Hughes let you permanently isolate and cement your lower zone in a single trip—without pulling the production tubing.


Reliable isolation from a robust design

The cement retainers can be deployed on coiled tubing or threaded pipe and easily pass through your production jewelry to the casing / liner below.

The retainer’s high-expansion inflatable element is set with hydraulic pressure. The element allows high expansion ratios, which assures that you can set it in most IDs including blank pipe, perforations, slotted liners, sand screens, and open hole.

The cement retainer’s built-in retrievable spotting valve allows the cement to be spotted to the retainer after an injection test, which avoids the need to pump unwanted fluids into the formation. The hydraulic lock mechanism on the spotting valve carries the load of the cement retainer while running in the hole, which prevents the shear screws in the spotting valve from being preloaded.

The retainer incorporates two opposing, positive-seal flapper valves that prevent flow from either direction when the spotting valve is retrieved. The bottom flapper closes against pressure from below once the seat has been sheared, while the top flapper closes against pressure from above when the spotting valve is disconnected from the retainer. Once closed, the flapper valves prevent any fluid movement across the set retainer.

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