• Set below the production tubing thanks to inflatable packing element with large expansion ratio
  • Ensure efficient operation with single-trip setting, treating, and releasing
  • Reduce operating costs by not requiring a rig on location

  • Chemical stimulation, inhibition, and water shutoff treatments
  • Pressure testing operations
  • Selective well monitoring and testing



Thru-tubing retrievable packers from Baker Hughes give you a cost-effective, flexible way to perform remedial and stimulation operations in your wells, without pulling the production tubing.


Robust isolation in a simple, reliable design

Our retrievable packers incorporate an inflatable packing element that is sized to pass through the production tubing, pack off the casing below, and then return back to its original size when deflated.

The packer’s optional hydraulic lock mechanism carries the load of the packer while going into the hole, which prevents the shear screws from being loaded. When tubing pressure is applied to set the packer, the hydraulic lock is released, thus moving the packer mandrel to the equalizing position and onto the release position. Because it operates with tubing pressure and a limited amount of tubing manipulation, you can run the packer on coiled tubing as well as threaded tubing.

Each packer features a pull equalization function that is typically used prior to deflation. To equalize across the packer, simply apply tension to the tubing, which shears the screws to open ports above the packer. Once equalization has occurred, apply setdown weight to the packer and then re-apply tension to the shear-releasing sleeve shear screws, which deflates the packer and allows it to be retrieved through the production tubing.

Thru-tubing retrievable packers let you reliably conduct your intervention operations, all while leaving the completion in the wellbore.

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