Our service packers and accessories are used in remedial operations globally in many types of squeeze-cementing, formation fracturing, high pressure acidizing, and well testing operations. We offer several types of full-opening, set-down squeeze packers that maximize the effectiveness of your remedial operations.

Our heavy-duty service packers can be used as hurricane plugs or for one-trip liner-top testing and squeezing. They are ideal for reliable and effective temporary well shutdown, catastrophic rig abandonment, and surface isolation for blowout preventer service repair or replacement.

Our tension-set service packers are ideal for pressure pumping operations where weight is limited. Our full-opening service packers can be set at any depth in the wellbore. These tools offer the most reliable performance available for weight-limited pressure pumping. Our broad portfolio includes packers that fit the needs of most remedial operations.

By strategically designing our packers into your well service plan, you can focus on the job at hand and safely get your well back on line.

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