• Ensure superior quality lightweight cements with higher compressive strengths than conventional extended slurries
  • Deploy fit-for-purpose designs for your specific applications
  • Determine the final slurry composition with real-time well conditions

  • All operations involving the SealBond™ cement spacer system when severe lost returns are a concern
  • Highly permeable or fractured formations



Get assured performance in your low-fracture-gradient environments and high induced-stress wells with the Baker Hughes LiteSet™ premium cement system.  Using a nitrogen or air-to-foam base slurry, the LiteSet system produces a high-strength, lightweight density cement that achieves exceptional compressive strength for your permeable or fractured formations.


Flexible options for your isolation needs

A second option uses lightweight, high-strength spheres to create a low-density, high-strength cement system. It achieves superior isolation with low- to ultralow-density slurries.

Once the optimum balance of cement, spheres, and water are achieved for desired density your base design, we work with you to add other components to develop slurry properties that satisfy well parameters. LiteSet cement systems are used in primary cementing operations that require premium lightweight cement systems as well as shallow water flow and gas migration environments.

The LiteSet system is part of our ongoing commitment to solving potential problems at the wellhead. And because a single slurry does not fit all applications, we design the LiteSet cement system with unlimited flexibility. Our cementing process uses state-of-the-art cement pumping equipment, such as the Seahawk™ cement unit, to help ensure a quality cement job.

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