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  • Effectively clean wells without damaging casing walls or risers
  • Significantly reduce subsequent completion and production risks
  • Reliably clean wells with various complications and geometries

  • Extended-reach wells
  • Deep wells, Deviated wells and Deepwater wells
  • Wells with high dogleg severity



Ensure effective wellbore cleaning for improved completions and production with the award-winning Baker Hughes X-Treme Clean™ XP wellbore cleanup and displacement system. Featuring a range of modular cleaning, filtering, and circulation technologies, the system assures efficient cleaning of your most complex wells—with minimal downtime and risk.


Ensure optimal cleaning for any wellbore challenge

The X-Treme Clean XP wellbore cleanup and displacement system lets you clean interior casing walls and blowout preventers, filter downhole fluids, collect downhole debris, and displace fluid with several modularized, high-performance tools:

  • A riser brush and boot basket includes magnets attached to the mandrel for effective metal debris collection.
  • A casing scraper and brush provides 360° contact with the casing/liner ID. Both ends and sides of the scraper blades are used for a dual cleaning effect. The helical shape of the scraper blades and brush blocks significantly increases annular flow area to circulate fluid at high flow rates. The nonrotating design eliminates the risk of casing damage or wear while rotating the drillstring.
  • A downhole magnet is designed for simplicity and robustness and has significantly higher metal debris-collecting capability than previous magnet designs.
  • A multitask wellbore filter features a slidable brush design, providing an effective method to divert flow and collect debris. A debris-removing window allows for simple debris removal.
  • A multi-cycle, ball-activated circulation valve enables mid-string circulation during wellbore cleanup, fluid displacement, and drilling. The valve is designed with high torque and tensile ratings, making it ideal for improving debris removal in deepwater and ultradeepwater applications. In drilling operations, the valve can be used to clean debris or to spot chemicals or lost circulation material. 

These tools can be run together as integral parts of a complete wellbore cleaning system or individually depending on your specific needs.

The wellbore cleaning system is designed to withstand your most demanding downhole depths and geometries. With the industry’s highest allowable rotational speed and nonrotating technology, the system can efficiently clean your well without damaging or wearing casings or risers. The system’s design assures you improved circulation area for a better wellbore displacement operation. Higher-than-drillpipe tensile and torque ratings also reduce operational risk.

The X-Treme Clean XP wellbore cleanup and displacement system has consistently proven itself as an effective intervention technology to improve completions and production operations in wells around the world. The system has also earned industry accolades, including a World Oil Award for Best Well Intervention technology. The award is granted by World Oil Magazine to honor the upstream energy industry’s top innovators and innovations.

Contact us today to learn how the X-Treme Clean XP wellbore cleanup and displacement system can deliver consistently reliable cleaning for your most complex well applications.


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