Understanding the dynamics of carbon storage

While global capacity for storage is plentiful, it is not evenly distributed. For example, the Global CCS Institute estimates that storage capacity of 205,000 Mt CO2, two-thirds of current global capacity, is in the United States. The uneven distribution of capacity may actually have some advantages. Successful storage requires subsurface characterization, which already exists in depleted reservoirs in the United States. Learn more about these dynamics in our Feature Report.

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Safe underground COstorage requires a deep understanding of subsurface chemistry, regional distress profiles, and preexisting faults and fractures.

As a pioneer in drilling carbon storage wells, our integrated approach to well design, drilling, completions, and well construction simplifies the development of CCS facilities and translates our expertise in reservoir dynamics into the development of safe and reliable storage sites.


Leveraging decades of expertise in reservoir dynamics to enable safe and reliable solutions

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Monitoring and post-injection site stewardship

Ensuring the long-term integrity of carbon storage reservoirs is paramount. It's important to build peace of mind into CCS operations through well integrity management, effective closure techniques, ongoing monitoring, and critical asset protection.   

  • Well closure services 
  • Microseismic expertise and monitoring services 
  • Continuous aerial surface monitoring 
  • Condition monitoring and machine protection of critical assets
  • Well integrity and health management 
  • Site stewardship 

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CCUS is a net-zero imperative: here’s how we make it a reality

Can energy and industry collectively develop and deploy CCUS technologies both faster and at a much greater scale than ever before? Download our latest feature report to learn more.

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