• Complexity of the site survey
  • Large variety and extension of the scope of work and technologies involved
  • 30% cost reduction through parts refurbishing instead of replacement
  • 100% operability of all existing units

Case study details

Our customer is building one of the largest petrochemical plants in the world. In addition to its production units, the site will include a large utility center responsible for the supply of water, steam, and electricity necessary for the operation of the complex. Baker Hughes designed the four power generation trains: two with a 50 MW SANC 1-6 non-condensing steam turbine and electric generator each, and two with an Fr7/1 gas turbine and electric generator each.

Installation had been paused a few years ago as the customer prioritized other activities. So, they now asked our Advisory Service team for the technical guidance to restore the machines, complete installation, and put these units into operation.


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