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Hydrogen: Separating hype from reality

Feature Report Hydrogen

Hydrogen: Separating hype from reality

  • How the acceleration of technological development will advance hydrogen as an important part of the energy transition
  • How costs of hydrogen production can be reduced over the next decade
  • The barrier that is holding back increased utilization of hydrogen

Perhaps no element holds more promise for decarbonization than hydrogen. With pressure on both public and private entities to meet ambitious emissions goals, there is a distinct buzz around hydrogen and the accompanying technologies required to develop and deploy the element at scale.

The deployment of hydrogen technologies has the potential to transform power generation, decarbonize industrial processes and even play a potential role as a consumer fuel. However, while hydrogen could be a crucial piece of the global energy puzzle, several factors will influence how large a role hydrogen will play in the coming energy transition.

The current obstacles facing both green and blue hydrogen point to some larger hard truths that the world must confront before hydrogen assumes a prominent role in the global energy transition.

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