• Avoids damage to seals with moving components that are rotationally locked
  • Allows for unrestricted circulation pressure without prematurely setting the hanger

  • Applications requiring the V-0 qualification for packers and bridge plugs
  • Liner rotating while cementing
  • Ream-down or drill-down applications



The Baker Hughes UniFlex™ Pro liner hanger/packer system is the industry’s first hanger system built on a single body—without any internal connections.

The UniFlex Pro is fully qualified to the proposed ISO/DIS grade V-0 qualification for packers and bridge plugs. All moving components are rotationally locked to the body to prevent seals from damage and extensions from backing off when the liner is rotated down to the bottom of the well.

A hydraulically balanced, ControlSET™ version is available to give you unrestricted circulation pressure, without risk of prematurely setting the hanger. It’s also useful for ream-down or drill-down applications.

Add double-grip slips to allow over-pull of the hanger after setting and prevent the liner from moving up-hole.

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