• Avoids damage to seals with moving components that are rotationally locked
  • Allows for unrestricted circulation pressure without prematurely setting the hanger

  • Applications requiring the V-0 qualification for packers and bridge plugs
  • Liner rotating while cementing
  • Ream-down or drill-down applications



The UniFlex liner hanger-packer is the industry’s first integral liner hanger/packer system for cemented liner applications. It is built on a one-piece mandrel with no internal connections for added dependability. External moving parts are rotationally locked to the body, preventing back-off of threaded outer components, even if demanding conditions call for extensive rotation to reach bottom.  

The UniFlex liner hanger includes a hydraulic-set FLEX-LOCK hanger section to provide maximum hold-down capacity and a ZXP liner packer to ensure maximum seal integrity. The liner packer has a single, premium threaded connection at the bottom of the tool.  

The UniFlex Pro version offers an ISO 13410 V0-qualified liner top seal that can be used when a gas-tight annular barrier is required. The UniFlex ControlSET version includes redundant hydraulic cylinders that allow circulation at high rates while drilling or reaming in a liner; this eliminates the risk of prematurely actuating the hanger slips. 

Advantages of the UniFlex liner hanger-packer system include:  

  • Liner hanger and liner top packer are incorporated on one chassis
    • Compact design
    • Eliminates connection between hanger and packer
  • FLEX-LOCK slips
    • Provide maximum hold-down capacity
  • ZXP seal
    • Withstands high circulation rates
    • Ensures liner top integrity
  • Premium seal stack between the extension and packer body
    • Allows for higher pressure and temperature rating on tied-back applications
  • Standard HRD-E setting tool profile
    • Allows rotation of the liner hanger downhole and during cementing
  • UniFlex Pro Version
    • Provides ISO 13410 V0-qualified liner top seal
  • UniFlex ControlSET version
    • Eliminates presetting with a hydraulically balanced system

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