• Rated for differential pressures up to 15,000 psi depending on size
  • Eliminate need for wire mesh in extreme applications with uniquely designed sealing element
  • Enhance reliability with one-piece body with premium thread

  • High-pressure DST completions
  • Deep well tests



The Baker Hughes FB-3™ high-pressure retainer production packer gives you the sealing reliability you need in deep well tests.

Designed specifically for extreme hydrostatic-annulus pressures, the FB-3 is a sealbore packer rated up to 15,000 psi differential pressure and capable of being set with standard wireline or drillpipe setting tools. The FB-3’s robust design makes it ideal for high-pressure drillstem testing (DST) completions, where the possible evacuation of tubing fluids during perforating could result in extreme loads on packers.

The FB-3’s non-sealing bore, one piece body, and largest possible opening through the body differentiate it from conventional packers. Sealbore extensions attached below the packer function as the tubing-to-packer sealing device, while the packer effects a casing seal and supports the induced loads.

In cases of extreme annulus pressure from above, the seal assembly may be spaced out to prevent contact with the locating shoulder, thus limiting the transmission of compression into the packer.

Contact us to learn how the FB-3 packer can optimize your high-pressure well completions.

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