When your completions push the limits of temperature and pressure, you need reliable and robust sealing solutions for the life of your well. Permanent production packers from Baker Hughes offer unsurpassed annular isolation to prevent the unwanted flow of gases or fluids from your well.


Proven performance

Our permanent packer solutions are built on a history of innovation dating back to 1940, when we introduced the industry’s first completion packer. And as your wells keep reaching new extremes of temperature, pressure, depth, and length, our Signature series permanent production packers deliver proven solutions.

Your completions benefit from packer design and installation innovations developed over decades of in-field experience. You’ll find a permanent packer solution for any completion challenge you face:

  • Permanent zonal isolation
  • Injection and production for oil and gas wells
  • Extreme high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) applications
  • Single, selective, or dual completions
  • Deepwater wells
  • Extended-reach and multilateral wells
  • Intelligent well systems

Permanent production packers help you optimize your completion design and maximize the value from your reservoir in several key ways.

  • Ensure long-term isolation. Get reliable annular sealing during production with rugged slip technology and advanced elastomers with few moving parts
  • Deploy with minimal risk and non-productive time. Easily and accurately set our permanent production packers either hydraulically or via wireline for maximum flexibility and minimum delay
  • Ensure performance under pressure. Run our plugs under pressure for use as a bridge plug and achieve long-term isolation in extreme HP/HT environments, thanks to pressure and temperature ratings that are higher than retrievable packers
  • Optimize your completion design. Select from the most widely-used, versatile, drillable production packers to maximize your well’s production and reservoir performance

Let’s work together to find a permanent production packer that suits your completion design.

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