• Get faster run-in times without premature setting
  • Ensure reliable sealing with a packing element that resists swab-off and packs off securely
  • Get a robust seal in extreme HP/HT, high acid gas, and corrosive downhole conditions

  • High-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) applications
  • Permanent zonal isolation
  • Extended-reach and multilateral wells



Ensure minimal setting risk for long-term annular isolation with hydraulic- and hydrostatic-set permanent production packers from Baker Hughes. Our family of dependable permanent packers have advanced through years of experience to assure optimal reservoir performance in your deep, HP/HT, and single- or dual-completion wells.


Industry innovators in permanent isolation solutions

The Baker Hughes D™ retainer production packer has set the industry standard for decades for permanent isolation. The sealbore packer concept has delivered several industry firsts. The D production packer was the first packer to:

  • Hold pressure from above and below
  • Stay packed off without constant set-down weight or tension
  • Accommodate tubing movement

The D retainer production packer also made it possible to complete a well from two zones and was used in the first dual completion.

D packers form the foundation of a growing permanent production packer line that also includes advanced packer assemblies for specific applications:

  • The Granite™ No Downstroke, hydraulic-set retainer production packer is ISO 14310-tested for zero bubble leakage and is ideal for your liner top and tandem completions
  • The SB-3™ hydraulic-set retainer production packer is a one-trip packer with a slim-line design and ability to withstand a pressure differential of 10,000 psi
  • The SAB-3™ and SABL-3™ hydraulic-set retainer production packers designed for faster run-in without premature setting in your high-angle deviated offshore wells

These packers are reliably set by applying pressure with tools like our J™ hydraulic setting assembly. The J hydraulic setting assembly and packer are run to setting depth on the tubing string and a ball is dropped to the ball seat in the setting tool. Sufficient tubing pressure is then applied to set and pack off the packer. The pressure, or combined pressure and tubing tension, parts the release stud in the adapter kit and frees the setting assembly from the packer for retrieval.

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