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  • Ensure ease of operation with hydraulic setting and handling at the well site with compact design
  • Avoid preset while running in hole with hydraulic interlocking system
  • Stack multiple packers with no mandrel movement during setting

  • Production
  • Injection and zonal isolation
  • Single- or dual-string completions

The HShydraulic-set retrievable packer from Baker Hughes is setting the standard for high-performance, single-string retrievable, hydraulic-set, shear-release packers in a range of well applications.

With its simple and reliable design, the HS retrievable packer provides maximum pre-set prevention while running into your wells. And its improved sealing and retrieving reliability, metallurgy, and elastomer selections can be custom selected for your well environment.


Ensure ease of deployment in any well environment

Deploy our HS retrievable packer for your applications—from production to zonal isolation to single-string selective completions or dual-string completions with multiple packers. The packer’s compact design and hydraulic interlocking system make it ideal for completions that require pre-set prevention while running.

The packer does not need to be rotated for installation or removal, making it ideal for deviated wells or other applications when rotation should be avoided.

The HS-S version of the HS retrievable packer is a selective-set packer that includes an inner sleeve that must be shifted mechanically before setting. This packer design is beneficial when testing the tubing string before packer setting or to independently set and test individual packers in multiple-packer completions and stacked packer applications.

Contact us today to learn how the HS hydraulic-set retrievable packer can give you reliable isolation for a wide range of your well operations.

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