Ensure a robust, reliable seal in your well with hydraulic and hydrostatic set retrievable packers from Baker Hughes. Our family of packers sets the industry standard for high-performance, hydraulic-set and shear-release, single-string retrievable packers.


Isolation options for wide-ranging applications

Choose from our HS™, FH™, and FHL™ hydrostatic-set, single-string retrievable packers to deliver assured isolation in applications including:

  • Production or injection operations
  • Single-string or dual-string completions
  • Well applications where rotation during installation and retrieval must be avoided
  • Operations in which packers must be displaced and set after the well is flanged up
  • Applications where the tubing string must be tested prior to packer setting
  • Operations in which individual packers must be independently set and tested in multiple-packer completions

Each packer is operationally simple to activate—just apply tubing pressure against a plugging device below the packer to set. The packers are easily retrieved by performing a straight pull to release. Each packer’s simple, reliable design also minimizes the likelihood of packer presetting while running in hole. The net result: a reliable isolation solution that mitigates risks to personnel, the environment, and your wellbore’s integrity.

Contact us today to learn how our hydraulic and hydrostatic set retrievable packers can deliver effective sealing solutions for your most challenging well applications.

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