Our StimFORCE™ modular stimulation system is a cost-effective and operationally flexible pumping package designed for offshore and inland water pumping projects. This customized arrangement of skid-based pumping equipment is ready to go when you are without exposure to higher vessel day rates, especially in remote locations.

This stimulation system can be shipped to a location and reassembled on a platform supply vessel, barge, or offshore rig. A specially engineered grid framework secures the pumping equipment to the vessel or barge, ensuring the highest level of safety.

Enhance completions reliability with a mix-on-the-fly fluid system, quality control laboratory, and remote data acquisition services using our JobMaster™ treatment monitoring and analysis system. This in-house software package acquires, processes, records, and displays pumping data in real time, ensuring you have critical pumping information during all operation phases. All StimFORCE system crews are certified to local operation standards.

Our modular stimulation system is DNV 2.7-1 certified and CE marked. The equipment design, which meets ISO dimensional standards, is secured using twist-lock connections.

When your project doesn’t require stimulation pumping, you can store the StimFORCE system on land.

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