• Allows downhole connection of electric, hydraulic, and fiber-optic lines in multi-trip completions
  • Enables fullbore well monitoring, control, and flow profiling
  • Delivers increased reliability with modular line connections

  • Multi-trip completions
  • Offshore, subsea, and other complex completion designs

Real-time well surveillance data is critical to make decisions about optimizing production, reducing risks, and ultimately maximizing returns. But, historically obtaining that data has been a challenge, due to the complexity of running and connecting lines long distances down hole and because of long-term reliability concerns in extreme environments. Operators are often operating blindly in terms of what is going on down hole, especially in the pay zone.

Our SureCONNECT™ downhole intelligent wet-mate system was developed to solve this ongoing issue. This modular system enables connection and re-connection of upper completion components to the lower completion with hydraulic, electric, and/or fiber-optic lines. You can now achieve real-time, interventionless monitoring and control across your entire wellbore of multi-trip completions—enabling you to make data-driven decisions to optimize reservoir performance and proactively mitigate risks for the life of the well.

The SureCONNECT system utilizes a downhole wet-mate connector that houses up to five channels and comes together to connect the upper and lower completions. Each channel supports two hydraulic lines, one electric line, or one six-fiber line. Using this modular approach, you can choose the lines you want to include without customizing and designing a new system, driving reliability and consistency. For the first time, you can achieve fiber-optic, real-time distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) monitoring across your entire wellbore.

The system is also compatible with other downhole technologies used to shut off zones and optimize production, creating standardization across intelligent completion designs. The data helps you better understand the performance of natural fractures, complimenting existing conventional well surveillance data to drive better placement decisions in future field developments. The SureCONNECT system also eliminates the need to remove an operational lower completion during workover operations, significantly decreasing rig time, health, safety and environmental (HSE) risks, and equipment costs.


SureCONNECT OTC Spotlight Award 2020


Winner of the 2020 OTC Spotlight on New Technology® Award

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