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Drawing on the industry’s largest portfolio of automated drilling applications, Baker Hughes i-Trak services will make your well construction operations more efficient, accurate and consistent.


Get the performance and value your wells demand with the drilling automation leader

Every day, on wells around the world, i-Trak™ drilling automation services ensure repeatable, efficient and accurate wellbore delivery—every time.

Built on industry-leading knowledge and proven processes, our i-Trak services integrate well-tested algorithms with rig systems, real-time measurements, and closed-loop downhole control to cut drilling days in a safe, predictable manner while delivering more-productive—and more-profitable—wells for our customers.

When you choose i-Trak automated drilling services, you’ll get:

  • Repeatability: Consistent, predictable drilling performance from well-to-well minimal variance or risk of human error.
  • Efficiency: Streamlined operations with increased rates-of-penetration, fewer wellsite personnel, accelerated workflows, and faster, better decisions.
  • Accuracy: Precise well placement for improved net-to-gross and increased hydrocarbon recovery.  

Ranging from an automated process to optimize pipe-tripping operations to automatically steering to a reservoir’s most-productive zone, i-Trak applications lead the industry in terms of delivering demonstrable value across a wide range of drilling activities.  These include:

  • automated directional drilling and reservoir navigation
  • automated fluids monitoring
  • automated tripping optimization
  • automated hydraulics optimization
  • automated ROP optimization
  • automated stringer detection and mitigation.

To date, these automated i-Trak applications have been used to optimize well construction activities in more than 8,000,000 meters (26+ million feet) of hole.

What do you get when you partner with the real leader in drilling automation? Real automation. Real performance. And real value.

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Find out how drilling automation has evolved from basic remote systems to advanced reservoir navigation and the value that’s unlocking for customers today.

Featured Solutions

Computer rendering of the i-Trak automated fluids monitoring tool.
Drilling automation solution

i-Trak automated fluids monitoring services

Get safe, efficient, and consistent fluids performance with accurate, automated monitoring.

Photo of an oil rig.
Drilling automation solution

i-Trak automated tripping optimization service

Get safe, efficient trips with automated monitoring/control.

Animation still of a drill bit being controlled by the i-Trak automated hydraulics optimization service.
Drilling automation solution

i-Trak automated hydraulics optimization services

Ensure accurate, efficient and consistent hydraulics monitoring and control.

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