In wells with critical fracture gradients, our spacer technology enables the use of standard slurry designs and densities where highly extended or special lightweight slurries were previously required.

SealBond™ cement spacer systems minimize filtrate invasion, damage, and induced losses while cementing. Based on ultralow-invasion fluid technology, they form a barrier at the wellbore wall to strengthen the wellbore for long-term zonal isolation. With the system’s near 100% return permeability property, formation integrity is maintained for optimized production.

The SealBond™ Plus additive enhances the spacer system’s performance in cases of severe or total loss of returns. This additive allows a SealBond spacer to adhere to the lost circulation zone(s).

Our SealBond Plus technology is a proprietary blend of 100% organic, biodegradable, lost- circulation materials. The field-proven blend has been used to seal losses in formations with permeabilities up to 3,500 darcies.


Case Study
SealBond spacer system restored circulation, saved $1.7 million USD in GOM
pdf: 318.74 KB
.pdf 318.74 KB
Case Study
Baker Hughes cementing solution restored lost circulation in a single trip, saved approximately $500,000 USD
pdf: 135.87 KB
.pdf 135.87 KB
Case Study
SealBond system reduced severe losses
pdf: 34.96 KB
.pdf 34.96 KB
Case Study
SealBond system sealed lost circulation zone, increased production 10%
pdf: 308.89 KB
.pdf 308.89 KB
Case Study
SealBond system provided zonal isolation in heavy fluid loss zone
pdf: 305.51 KB
.pdf 305.51 KB
Case Study
SealBond system reduced remedial cement costs in challenging formation
pdf: 40.09 KB
.pdf 40.09 KB

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