If you’re using conventional bits to drill through interbedded formations, stick-slip is costing you in terms of tool failures and slow rate of penetration (ROP).

It’s because conventional “dumb” bit designs have a fixed depth-of-cut (DOC) control setting that’s optimized for only a single formation. While the bit might drill smoothly in some areas, its DOC can become too aggressive as it transitions into other areas, leading to stick-slip and impact damage. Staying in a conservative, low-ROP operating window should be your last resort instead of your best option.

The TerrAdapt™ drill bit adapts to the changing formations, adjusting DOC control to manage its own aggressiveness and mitigate-stick slip with no interaction from the surface. It also absorbs shocks and helps prevent damage to the bit and botton hole assembly (BHA). The result: longer tool life and faster, more consistent ROP.

Don’t ask a “dumb” bit to work harder. Choose a bit that works smarter. Contact your Baker Hughes representative today to explore the possibilities.

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