• Optimizes section ROP for reduced drilling time and costs
  • Tracks to stay on target in rotate mode
  • Reduces number and severity of slides for trajectory corrections

  • Unconventional oil and gas wells
  • Motor directional assemblies
  • Wells prone to unplanned deviations

Long laterals. One-run intervals. Tough formations. You’re demanding more from your drilling equipment than ever, with more robust motors, more weight, and more torque, putting immense strain on your bottomhole assembly (BHA). Often, your drill bit fails first, causing trips and BHA replacements, resulting in revenue loss.


What if you had an extended-life bit that could survive and thrive in the most extreme drilling operations?

The Dynamus™ extended-life drill bit enables you to reduce trips while using the most robust drilling equipment available. It prevents damage that shortens the life of your sensitive BHA components by smoothing out lateral vibrations. Its cutters are designed to prevent premature cracking and wear. It also offers a new, high-strength body engineered for extended life in extreme operations.

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