• Ensure superior directional control and bit stability
  • Get reliable, consistent performance
  • Optimize drilling time with streamlined supply chain and bit design

  • Soft to medium-hard rock
  • Fast-drilling applications
  • Directional applications (RSS and conventional)



With the TalonStrike PDC drill bit from Baker Hughes, you don’t have to compromise on performance, pricing, or delivery. Our drill bit delivers consistent performance, competitive pricing, and fast response times in soft to medium-hard formation toughness and moderate application complexity.


Gain optimal performance with proven technology

Talon Strike drill bits build upon the strength of the Talon™ high-performance PDC bit family. Talon Strike combines application engineering expertise, proven bit technology, and a comprehensive feature set to deliver the right bit at the right price, when and where you need it.

This feature set includes the Strike PDC cutter family, Strike Impact cutters, and StabilisX reinforced cutters. Bit body features include profile optimization (steel or matrix), blade layout, cutter layout, thermally stable polycrystalline (TSP) gauges, ShadowCuttechnology back-up cutters, and proprietary directional technology.


Customize the bit for your drilling run

Before the run, our bit application experts will work with you to determine the right technology for the particular application. You’ll benefit from a fast-response service network that optimizes the bit and gets it manufactured and delivered quickly to provide maximum value for your well.

Contact us today to learn how you the Talon Strike PDC drill bit can deliver optimal performance for your drilling applications, quickly and cost-effectively.

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