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You cannot let the drilling efficiency of your offshore operations be compromised by inefficient, unsafe, or environmentally unsound drill cuttings management solutions. The BLUE JAY Bulk Transfer System from Baker Hughes improves the safety and sustainability of your offshore drilling operations with effective drill cuttings retrieval, storage, and transfer solutions.


Efficiency-driving features

Gain greater handling flexibility and efficiency with our system, which stores and continuously processes dry and wet drill cuttings while simultaneously discharging to either processing equipment or supply vessels.


Other features include:
  • A proprietary storage design includes a taller tank capable of storing up to 40 tons (150 bbls). This is twice the storage capacity of competitor storage tanks, but with the same rig footprint.
  • An exclusive circle feeder with unique retrieval system at each tank’s bottom guarantees full tank drainage
  • A cuttings blowing pump moves cuttings more than 400 ft (120 m), at an industry-leading transfer rate of up to 35 tons/hr
  • A single-panel, remote control discharge system increases the efficiency of your cuttings transfer operations
  • Optional low-profile boat tanks afford safer navigation, with a quick-emptying system to improve your turnaround time
Proven benefits for any application

Whether you’re transferring cuttings to supply vessels, performing offshore cuttings treatment requiring buffer storage capacity, or managing cuttings reinjection and slurrification systems, the BLUE JAY transfer system delivers a range of benefits.

  • Reduce your footprint. Optimize your rig space with the tallest and largest capacity tanks on the market
  • Minimize your downtime and safety risks. Minimize the number of personnel onboard with our centralized, single-panel, PLC-controlled discharge system that enables faster adjustments and decreases the risk of downtime
  • Eliminate environmental discharges. Reduce the number of offshore skips, rig-to-boat crane lifts, and transfers to supply vessels with our zero-discharge operations
  • Improve your cuttings handling logistics. Ensure 100% removal of waste stored in each tank with our retrieval system that adjusts retrieval rates based on the properties of the cuttings material, thus eliminating the need to dilute the cuttings with base fluid

Contact us today to learn more about how the BLUE JAY Bulk Transfer System can help you optimize your drilling waste handling without compromising your drilling efficiency.

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