Overcome the risks of differential sticking, wellbore instability, and downhole losses with wellbore strengthening systems from Baker Hughes. Our custom-engineered solutions help prevent sticking before it happens, increasing your drilling efficiency while decreasing wear and tear on your equipment.


Gain assured wellbore strengthening for any system

Our proven wellbore strengthening solutions improve your well integrity while drilling in a wide range of applications. The AQUA-MAGIC™ additive is simple to apply in all water-based fluids, while the BRIDGEFORM™ system is a single-sack wellbore strengthening system for water-based and invert emulsion drilling fluids.

And in highly overbalanced zones, the MAX-BRIDGE™ advanced bridging solution plugs and seals pore throats and microfractures in your formations. The solution reduces the risk of differential sticking in both water-based and oil-based muds, as well as limits losses to lower pressured formations. You can use this system to confidently drill wells with overbalance of greater than 5600 psi.


Seal off your pore throats with proven bridging solutions

Our wellbore strengthening systems also include unique and patented deformable sealing polymer technology that bridge your pore throat openings to minimize pore pressure transmission. The polymers effectively generate a semipermeable membrane at your borehole interface. Because of their uniquely small particle size, our polymers also effectively reduce differential sticking and minimize mud losses across your depleted sand sections.

Our deformable polymers, including the proven MAX-SHIELD™ and NANOSHIELD™ wellbore sealing polymer, can be used as effective shale stabilizers and bridging agents, when you need this extra level of wellbore protection.

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