• Eliminate differential sticking, severe losses, logging problems, and nonproductive time
  • Ensure borehole stability in excess of 300°F (149°C)
  • Effectively deploy in water-based and invert emulsion drilling fluids and a range of salinities

  • Water-based and invert emulsion drilling fluids
  • Horizontal, deviated, and extended-reach wells
  • Depleted sands and limestone sections



Increase wellbore stability and minimize losses in your permeable, micro-fractured formations with the MAX-SHIELD™ wellbore sealing polymer from Baker Hughes. This innovative synthetic organic polymer, supplied as an emulsion of nano-sized particles, reduces pore-pressure transmission by sealing pore throats and microfractures.

Ensure effective wellbore sealing in wide-ranging applications

The MAX-SHIELD polymer is a key component in the PERFORMAX™ high-performance water-based drilling fluid system and MAX-BRIDGE™ advanced bridging solution.

  • In the PERFORMAX system, the MAX-SHIELD sealing polymer is used in conjunction with the MAX-PLEX™ shale stability additive to improve the shale’s ability to act as a semi-permeable membrane. The MAX-SHIELD sealing polymer mechanically bridges and seals micropores and microfractures in the shale, effectively improving wellbore stability by minimizing pore pressure transmission effects.
  • In the MAX-BRIDGE solution, the MAX-SHIELD sealing polymer provides a source of small, deformable particles to seal microfractures and micropores.

The sealing polymer can also be used successfully in invert emulsion drilling fluids, where it contributes to small increases in the plastic viscosity and yield point of the fluids. The polymer also provides effective bridging across small pores where conventional bridging materials prove ineffective due to their higher coarseness.

The MAX-SHIELD wellbore sealing polymer is part of the Baker Hughes Intelligent Fluid Solutions, which are designed to address your most significant well construction and production challenges.

Resolve your fluid loss challenges by introducing the MAX-SHIELD sealing polymer at a recommended concentration of 2 to 5% by volume, depending on the application. The sealing polymer can be added directly through your mud hopper, with no pre-treatment necessary, regardless of the make-up water.

Contact us today to learn how the MAX-SHIELD wellbore sealing polymer can improve your wellbore stability and preserve more of your drilling fluids.


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