• Accurately measure cement mechanical properties
  • Measure percentage annular fluid
  • Get solid-liquid-gas microannulus map

  • Conventional and unconventional wells
  • Plug and abandon operations
  • Gas or CO2 storage wells

Get a clear understanding of your cement bond, regardless of weight or contamination, with the Integrity eXplorer™ (INTeX) cement evaluation service from Baker Hughes. The accurate, detailed information provided by the service will help you make critical completions decisions with confidence.


Measure in-situ cement mechanical properties

While downhole shear strength is a major reason for cement failure in most downhole applications, measurement of shear has historically only been possible in a cement lab. Featuring the patented electromagnetic-acoustic transducer (EMAT) technology, the INTeX service delivers the first measurement of cement shear strength in-situ, providing an accurate zonal isolation assessment independent of the wellbore environment.


Measure channels and microannuli with confidence

Improve your estimates of wellbore cement artifacts like channels and microannuli with the help of the solid-liquid-gas-microannulus map in the INTeX service. This map lets you interpret cement evaluation data faster, enabling timely and confident decisions. The cement shear acoustic velocity isolation map also takes the guesswork out of cement bond log interpretation.

And using its advanced processing, the INTeX service filters variable density log (VDL) data to remove the signals attributed to casing arrivals. The filtered waveforms reduce ambiguity to ensure more reliable log evaluation during this critical operation.

Contact us today to learn how the INTeX cement evaluation service can improve your understanding of the strength and quality of your cement bond.

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