• Perforate and treat multiple zones in one trip
  • Increase reliability and minimize nonproductive time with durable design
  • Create large, clean perforation holes and remove solids without tripping out of the well

  • Sand jet perforating
  • Annular fracturing



Complete more than 30 annular frac stages in a single trip with the EasyCut™ abrasive perforating tool from Baker Hughes. Designed for durability, the EasyCut tool works with the coiled-tubing conveyed OptiPacker™ bottomhole assembly (BHA) to give you efficient, effective formation access in your annular fracturing applications.


Optimize frac stage delivery with a robust, reliable tool

The EasyCut tool is manufactured from highly abrasion-resistant materials to reliably cut perforations in tubulars. The tool’s carbide sleeve stands up to the erosive effects of sand slurries that are pumped down the coiled tubing. This slurry is then ejected out through centralized tungsten carbide jetting nozzles at high velocity, providing multiple cuts in a single trip to minimize downtime.

The tool’s advanced jetting nozzle design creates large, clean perforation holes and tunnels to minimize fracturing tortuosity. This design also enables solids removal ahead of the tool, without tripping out of the well.

Perforating is performed after the resettable OptiPacker BHA has been actuated to hold the EasyCut tool stationary at the zone of interest. After perforating is complete, a fracture treatment can be pumped down the coiled tubing or annulus. The process of perforating and fracturing can be repeated multiple times without having to trip the BHA out of the wellbore.

The combination of the carbide sleeve and full centralization provided by the OptiPacker anchor enables the use of a 27⁄8- in. tool inside 41⁄2-in and 51⁄2-in. casing. The larger outside diameter of the OptiPacker BHA protects the carbide sleeve from impact with completion jewelry for further reliability.

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