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Ensure efficient removal of every plug from your long horizontal wellbores with extended-lateral milling services from Baker Hughes. With field-proven reliability in shale formations across North America, our coiled-tubing-conveyed milling solutions can help you reliably reach total depth (TD) in any formation and lateral length.

Many milling services have not kept pace with the demands of longer laterals with up to 100 plugs. Most tools can’t reach the lower sections of your well with enough weight on the bit, stranding the deepest plugs and wasting the time and money you spent on drilling, completing, and fracturing below the last milled plug.

Baker Hughes milling advances like our Versa-Drive™ extended-reach milling service bring a suite of extended-reach technologies, advanced cutting structures, and optimized mill designs that successfully reach TD and mill the deepest plug—every time.

Further reduce your milling risks and costs with the CIRCA™ Pro coiled tubing simulation software. CIRCA software models your milling operation to determine optimal trip speed, circulation rates, required weight on bit, and total job time to ensure all plugs are removed—often in a single run.

Our extended-lateral milling services have a track record of performance in any formation. If you can drill and complete a well, we have the expertise and technology to get the well to its full production potential.   

Contact us to learn how extended-lateral milling services from Baker Hughes can help you capture the full value of your long laterals.

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